Three soccer dribbling drills to improve ball control

27 Apr 2004 --- Soccer Player Dribbling Between Defenders --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

27 Apr 2004 — Soccer Player Dribbling Between Defenders — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The hallmark of some of the best soccer players in the world are their dribbling skills. The ball control when at full speed or when avoiding defenders is amazing. The ball is almost an extension of their feet and it is that level of control that makes them some of the top players in the world. Fortunately, this level of control can be achieved with sufficient practice. Here are some drills that will improve ball control:

Closed-space dribbling drill

First place three cones on the ground in a triangle or line, spaced roughly two feet apart. Now dribble the ball between the cones, using all surfaces of your feet. Next, perform quick touches to guide the ball around the cones in a controlled pattern. This drill should be done every day for 15 minutes.

Cone drill

Line up six to ten cones about five yards apart. Weave through the cones, dribbling the ball with the inside of your feet. Repeat the drill alternating between the inside and outside of your feet, circling right and then left around each cone. Repeat the variations about two to three times. Do this until you feel comfortable and repeat occasionally.

Partner/wall drill

Have another player toss a ball in the air or if you are solo ten bounce it off a wall. Pass back and forth 10-20 times, using the inside of your foot, then the outside of your foot. Now repeat the entire exercise using your laces. Once complete, repeat the pattern with your other foot.

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