The most important equipment you will need for soccer

Beginner soccer players will need proper soccer equipment to play safely and properly at practice and games. Here is a list of the core equipment list every player will need:


All players will need practice and match uniforms. Usually, for team level practice, the school will provide the uniforms. Often, you will only need to buy practice uniforms. The team will provide guidance on color and other requirements for youth soccer uniforms.


Soccer players wear cleats with or without studs depending on the age of the player. Younger players won’t need cleats until a certain age. Until then, trainers or sneakers will suffice. The material of the footwear is important as it provides protection when kicking the ball and when another player steps on a foot.

Socks and Shin-Guards

One of the most vulnerable points on a players body is the shin. The shins are also the most likely location to get hit during a soccer match, which is why Shin-Guards are so important. The socks are usually very long and cover the Shin-Guards. You will need to buy the guards, and sometimes the team provides the socks.


A soccer ball is only for practice and playing at home. A good soccer player needs to practice at home and will need a ball for most of the drills. When you buy a ball, make sure it is same as the ball at practice and matches. You can choose from a wide selection of balls at Top Soccer Buy.

Water Bottle

Lastly, you will need at least one good water bottle. Soccer players are always on the move, running, stopping, running, and need proper hydration. Encourage your child to drink water as often as possible and to target a specific number of bottles during practice.

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