Meditation Exercises for Athletes

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

There are so many benefits of meditation. This ancient Chinese practice has made a strong comeback in recent years due to all the global problems. People seem more stressed out than ever. Stress and worry can affect every area of your life including your performance on the field. As we allow ourselves to worry about things, our thoughts and our mind is someplace else. We aren’t focused on winning at all.

The great part of learning to meditate is that it helps control our thoughts. Many people struggle with negative thoughts and emotions that can impact all areas of their lives. But meditating teaches us to focus on nothing. We learn to clear our head and stop all these conflicting thoughts from running amok.

Step One

Find a place that’s quiet and has no distractions. It’s a good idea to set up a private place in your home or office that belongs only to you.

Step Two

Furnish this place with a laptop or pad and pen so you can make notes during the course of your meditation.

Step Three

Close your eyes and clear your mind. Start at the top of your head, then move down slowly to your eyes, nose and mouth. Continue on down to the souls of your feet. Train your brain to cut out the distracting thoughts and simply concentrate on one thing.

Step Four

Don’t rush through meditation. Take time to think about your breathing. Is there pain anywhere? Focus on relaxing any area where there’s pain. As you get better at this, you can meditate on bringing warmth to specific areas that might be hurting.

Dr. Zhang Xinyue is well respected Chinese spiritual leader and psychologist.  With a simple style, her book, Create Abundance, published in 2012, works her way into the depths of people’s hearts and has ever since remained a best seller for body-mind-spirit cultivation. Living abroad, Teacher Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance is currently conducting a field of social research as she travels around the world.

The book was originally released in Chinese but now it is also available in English and other languages now. In her book, Teacher Xinyue encourages every individual to grow through self-help. She hopes that every reader starts to practice being their own mentor and learns to transform awareness into wisdom autonomously.

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